Content is so flexible in nature that it can take any shape with words that bind it together with a simple bond of context. But when the dimension shifts to the space of virtual environment where what you convey to your specific audience creates a unique experience for them and where whatever you do has to be done best in a single shot, then all you have to do is create such blend of words that influences and compels your audience to read what you want to say and pave a way for your development.

Having said that, when one approaches the realms of online marketing if you are not specific and relevant in what you have to convey, then getting a proper foundation for your online establishment becomes very challenging because:

  • In the digital marketing space, content serves to be the primary component which drives the major impact on everything that gets done as well net ROI gained.
  • Content is the only source in the virtual world to make people hear what you want to convey.

So when I say that blending content with context is so important that’s for the reason that:

  • I have seen sales increase to new heights just because of richness in content,
  • I have observed support teams function so properly that every marketing campaign done was a piece of cake for them.

Speaking of which let’s have a look at what some of the key players in the segment of marketing has to say:

  • VentureBeat says that technology tools for marketing are very impressive conversion rate optimization (CRO) solutions where average ROI can jump to beyond 200 percent.
  • As per Nucleus Research, automation in marketing increases sales productivity to up-to 15 percent where there is also a nearly 12% reduction in marketing overhead.
  • In case of The Annuitas Group, they are talking about a 451% increase in qualified leads just because of introducing automation in marketing aspects.

So this brings us to deriving some key fundamental and foundational parameters that govern the entire aspect of content marketing:

  • The author, being the primary one, creates the content.
  • Then comes the distributor who generates traffic flow via appropriate channels of either paid, owned or earned media.
  • Now, to measure the content performance, the aspect of measurement comes into play for shaping important decisions.
  • And lastly, the content experience is what that creates lead generation.

Now let’s engage with another aspect of content marketing which is the frequency of engaging yourself with your target audience. To note, this is one of the key parameters that helps anybody survive in the online marketing world. Apart from this, content that is organized in a strategic manner and projects a responsive design reach out to a wide online community and create call-to-actions to produce new leads.

So when I assemble the above components together to generate maximum results and ROI, content marketing automation comes to the picture in which the above all parameters are arranged into a specific form to create an experience for the audience which definitely creates an experience that they want to have.

I would like to bring to attention a simple fact that when the target audience is brought in contact with content that is relevant:

  • Not only they show interest in engaging with you


  • Also bring forward what they expect,


  • What drives them and, influence and affects them.

And lastly a quick look at what’s behind the working of the entire content marketing automation stuff:

  • A particular piece of content that serves a particular experience is presented in the most strategic way incorporating all relevant channels and sources.
  • Lead Generation is done by serving contextual call-to-action to the target audience.
  • And lastly, lead behavior monitoring is done to nurture necessary marketing campaigns.

So in a nutshell, what content marketing automation does is bridge the gap between the necessary foundations of content marketing and automation to generate better and more productive results by blending content with context for the overall customer experience and making the process of lead generation extremely simplified and organized.

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