Automation in Performance Marketing

Automation in Performance Marketing


It’s a new trend when the eye rolls towards automation but gradually everyone is seeing it become a norm when it is considered for improvement in any aspect of any domain. Similarly, the trend of automation is engulfing the arena of performance marketing where both of them blends together in a way that is unique to foster maximum productivity with minimum input requirement.

So what needs are to be fulfilled by introducing automation in performance marketing?

  • Strengthening the ad-serving process is on top of the priority list where the focus lies on optimizing the business strategy for conducting more efficient spending process.
  • Fulfilling the advertiser’s requirements for achieving optimum objectives as per the initial strategy draft.

But before I say any further let’s know briefly what exactly performance marketing is?

“Performance marketing is much like a catalyst that serves the primary purpose of combining an effective ad-serving algorithm that buys CPM traffic and delivers CPA campaigns, either on the web or on the mobile platform, to generate sales and increase the revenue process.”

How can automation be used with performance marketing to produce something never seen before?

“As an extension automation in performance marketing is striving to replace humans inputting data, after adapting to creative campaigns with set objectives and Key Performance Indicators where manual KPI setting is getting replaced by a machine. Hence it is guaranteed to achieve high standards of work culture driven by results. “

Let me explain to you how this functioning takes place:

  • Results are analyzed automatically, certain goals are adjusted and converted into measurable standards before a sync is done with an ad campaign.
  • The next step serves to link the buying of inventory done on a CPM basis and conducting the performance campaigns that run with CPA metric approach.

As per Forrester Research, use of automation has significantly increased sales prospects above 10% which mainly comes from B2B dealing.

Report of Raab Associates says that automation in performance marketing has definitely increased the market turnover of companies that earn around 5 to 500 million dollars annually by around a significant figure.

Scott Brinker says that automation in the marketing domain has significantly increased the boundaries of services to a wide extent and as per last reports, there have been more than 100 marketing automation companies in total.

If you ever wondered how automation is affecting performance marketing in case of lead generation, here is everything that you need to know:

  • Publishers are provided with a way to use Data Management Platforms for making their data available to buyers to expand their reach.
  • For Data Service Providers which are on the buyer’s side, automation helps them to overcome the issue of scalability.
  • In case of advertisers, automation helps them plan their marketing budget in a most effective and efficient manner and manage real-time data in the most optimum way possible to conduct most optimum campaigns for most optimum results.
  • For people in the creative domain, automation is redefining the meaning of ‘relevance’ for them.

Hence the impact of automation is remarkable in case of performance marketing. This is because its fundamental principles allow every stakeholder involved to grow direct business relationships that are of value and, keep on nurturing and evolving to create win-win for everybody. So to be precise, “yes, automation in Performance Marketing is the new norm and is definitely here to stay. ’.

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