eMail Marketing is Not Dead

eMail Marketing is Not Dead

The reason why content is so important for your website

There is no doubt that businesses rely heavily on digital platforms like Social media channels to expand. Do you believe e-mail marketing is dead? I don’t think so.

People tend to get annoyed when they receive e mails frequently. Most of the people would complaint that number of e- mails they receive are useless so it becomes crucial for the organizations to carry out an effective e mail marketing plan for the growth of their business.

In today’s digitized world, everyone is connected to internet 24 hours a day and what people do first thing in the morning is to check their inbox so the business owners or marketers must keep in mind the frequency of sending e
mails and what they can offer to the customers.

E-mails can be personalized

A major advantage with e- mail marketing is that you can personalize mails by segmentation. Segmentation can be done on the basis of age, demographics, gender, income etc. Personalized mails sound more specific, it means that instead of sending a single mail to all of your subscribers you send different messages that aligns with client preferences.

If you are just personalizing message just for the sake of doing it, it won’t be good enough. Users should be given something valuable based on their past purchases or preferences. Ultimately how you personalize your e mails will depend on what on what information you collect and how you can use it for the benefit of users.

Keeping customers informed and updated

When you have new something to announce, you would want your customers to know about it. E-mail marketing would allow to announce special promotions and new product releases.

Catchy subject lines should be used so that the recipient gets excited about what they might find inside the mail. Words like “promotion’’ and “discount’’ can be used so that subscribers can get an idea what e mail is about.

E–mail marketing creates brand awareness

With each e mail sent customers are expected to know about your business and brand. Smart design, strategic planning and targeted content can help your business build value. It’s important for a brand to stay in the mind of its audience. Then if there is a requirement for a product or service chances are high that your leads would convert into clients and then clients into loyal customers.

Mobile makes eMail marketing more effective

Almost everyone carries mobile phones these. If you go to any public place, be it a restaurant you would find half of the people busy with their phones. Same is for public transportation or any other public place and according to
researchers people tend to look at their phones four to five times in day.

Now days mobile users are more if we compare it with desktop users. Marketers need to make sure that they do not miss out on any information which is accessible through mobile. Most people carry smart phones wherever they go. They get notification when a message is delivered to them. Once an eMail marketing campaign is started, make sure that subject lines and body content are optimized for mobile users.

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