Gmail get a new revamp – New Features to look out for.

Gmail get a new revamp – New Features to look out for.

Gmail get a new revamp - New Features to look out for.

Since its inception, Gmail has been the most popular emailing client. Millions of people use Gmail today and the user base is still growing. So in order to enhance the user experience of its customers, Gmail has brought a set of some cool new features that will surely ease up your life, especially the boring job of attending to lots of emails. So let’s have a sneak peek into it.

Hover actions

This feature allow you have a quick reach to a set of options which you will see once you hover over a particular mail. When your mouse cursor is hovered over the mail’s subject , options of ARCHIVE, DELETE, SNOOZE and MARK AS READ shows up. Also for certain items such as calendar invites you can also select between RSVP or DECLINE AN INVITE upon a hover action.

A completely new panel on the right side

Google has added another interesting feature to Gmail. When you will look at  the right side of the email list, you will find an icon that allows you to access Google calendar as well as add or remove tasks for a particular day. This also allows you even add mails to yours tasks without actually opening a completely new tab or a web page so that you can easily manage emails as well.

Snooze and Smart Reply

This feature lets you snooze any of your email present in your inbox and definitely eases up your life. It makes that mail disappear for a certain time period. When the snooze time is complete, the mail again pops up in your inbox so that you can take any further action.

Plus Mentions

This feature allows you to add a recipient in the CC field without actually leaving the message body. This is one of the neat features Google  has incorporated into Gmail. Simply use the plus sign to select the recipient’s name or email address from the list.

Hover Cards and display density

Google has also incorporated these two features in Gmail. Through this you get a hovercard for contacts which can be customized. Also you get a new display density which allows you to add further more information straightaway into your inbox.

Apart from these Google has also made some other interesting enhancements. Let’s have a look.

  • Google has reduced the level of clutter that used to be earlier when you opened your inbox. With so many features and options visible right away , it often became clumsy to use the mail and reduced the user experience. So Google has introduced the hamburger menu which allows you to collapse the left side panel of the screen which basically incorporates all the labels as well as categories. The panel is first of all shrunk to hide the huge list of icons. It then expands automatically whenever you hover over it or click on it thereby enhancing the user experience.
  • The new Gmail lets you check out attachments straightaway from your inbox without even opening a mail item. What you will get are different tiles and you can click upon one to take necessary action. It can be either open the file or preview the file without even opening the mail so that you can jump to the information that you need.
  • The presence of the above tiles make the emails look bigger and prominent in size in your inbox specially those which comes with attachments. So all you get is a easy access feature for the basic need of catering to your attachments without compromising with the user experience.
  • Google has introduced a compact view in the display density menu. This allows you to experience an inbox which is more compact due to less amount of padding and more densely distributed information.
  • The new Gmail allows you to mark messages as unread even after you have opened them and read. This can be done simply with the envelop icon present on the right side and appears when you hover above the message. So just with a single click mark your read messages as unread.
  • The new Gmail allows you to snooze more than one messages at the same time. This accounts for enhanced user experience and usability.

So sit back and enjoy your new Gmail with new features. Apart from this Google has also planned to incorporate more features such as OFFLINE SUPPORT, CONFIDENTIAL MODE, NUDGING, ASSISTIVE UNSUBSCRIBE and HIGH PRIORITY NOTIFICATIONS in the coming days.

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