Google Search Console launches new removal tool

Google Search Console launches new removal tool

The latest 2020 update on Google has launched. Basically, Google Search Console has now come up with a new feature of removal tool; within these, (1)Tools let you temporarily hide URLs from showing in Google search; (2) shows you which content is not in Google because it is “outdated content” ; (3) shows you which of your URLs were filtered by Google’s Safe Search adult filter.

In short, you can say new tool temporarily block URLs from showing in Google, it shows outdated content and content filtered by Safe Search.

Sitemap for tool

You can visit there you can access the tool; discover the “Index” menu, labeled as “Removals.” Now here you can work for the website or any other URLs.

Temporary removal request

Temporarily remove URLs

This feature of Google search console allows you to remove URLs from showing in Google search quickly via its tool you can do this. This was a feature in the old Search Console but now is available in the new version. Temporarily removing your URLs is do not actually delete your URL from Google’s index; instead, Google just hides the URL for about six-months and the cached copy of the page so, it does not show up in the search results. But if you want to delete your URLs permanently still need to use 404, robots.txt or another method to block the URL. Also, you need to clear the cached URL cached page and wipes out the page description snippet in Search results until the page is crawled again.

Google search console new removal tool

Useful outdated content

Here is the section which provides information on removal requests via public Remove Outdated Content tool, this can be used by anyone who wants to update his search results that will benefit for the Google ranking and your user will aware that your outdated content is not on the page and you are coming up with some new trending topics. This will not affect your history of all requests to update in the past 6 months.

Outdated Content Removal

Safe Search filtering

It is very important to have a safe search filter if you have some content or product related to adults only. This section shows you which of your content was reported as adult content and Google users can report specific URLs as adult-only. This will definitely help you to communicate with the search results that are searching by your user. Also, these tools help you out straightly to inform Google that particularly which of your content needs to be filtered from Safe Search results, these URLs are tagged as adult content.

Why we care

Using this Google search console tool, you have access to check and modify your outdated content or those contents which have been filtered Safe Search by the third party. This will give you a platform from where you can monitor with that figure out the flaws and take action before your search results get down you just need to find out the correct before you start using this new feature.

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