The Evolving Education Sector by AR, AI

The Evolving Education Sector by AR, AI



“The only dynamic is change”, when it comes to any sphere of any aspect. And when the focus shifts to technology, not only the dynamics at play become immensely rapid but also drives change in a way that affects masses and alters the way we live.

What exactly is Artificial Intelligence?

It is the intelligence possessed by machines which is the repose of complicated algorithms and extremely detailed set of instructions provided to them, that not only perform tasks at a pace much faster than humans but also with a precision, accuracy and such high pertinence that drives a result which is optimal and of the best quality.

When this intelligence is applied to machines so that they can mimic the cognitive functions of human mind such as learning and problem solving with the composition of arena involving reasoning, knowledge, planning, learning and even perceiving, such distinctive problems get solved that not only simplify our life but makes it easier and convenient.

What is its scope?

The diverging attention to automation, augmented reality and machine learning in times of convenience, simplicity and high productivity, is at the juncture of taking over every aspect of our lives in a way that was never feasible before and thanks to the extensive research carried out backed by people who have believed in it and realized its power to its true potential. When the curve of innovation bends to the education sector where learning is driven by parameters of automation and augmentation, it has not only proved to be revolutionary in the past couple of years but has also changed the way education gets imparted to many out there.

What has been done till now by AI?

What automation is doing can be simply summed up in a nutshell as, ’creating a bridge between learners and learning’ with the ultimate objective of instilling simplicity, convenience, easy accessibility and fun in the learning process by using the best use of technology. It’s all about understanding the power of augmentation that is based on the architecture of machine learning and automation, which is huge. When data that is powered and driven by augmentation comes into the implementation phase, it modifies the approaches that prevail out for acquiring basic skillsets. With this not only learners are coming together while learning interesting stuff but also a change is getting driven in a direction where impact expansion ranges to the scale of millions of people.

How is EduTech Sector changing due to the impact of AI?

The benefits of augmentation in the education sector are huge as now the world is getting in touch with its potential to experience the power of transformation. Speaking of transformation:

Every key player in the EduTech industry (content, platform, and assessment providers) are reaching new heights because:

  • It is proving to be plausible in improving the quality and affordability of education.
  • It is ameliorating the domains of productivity and efficiency benefiting all the relevant stakeholders.
  • The perception of people is changing regarding automation and augmentation which is bringing a huge inflow of people to this new dimension of technology to stay engaged with interest and excitement to learn new stuff.
  • It is seen that with the support of tutors and programs that are driven by augmented reality, both learners and educators are receiving priceless feedbacks to find and interact with information.

Apart from that, the role of teachers is also changing and side by side the trail-and-error learning methodology is also becoming less intimidating.

A leading example in this segment is Takshila Learning, which is bringing the transition to the sectors of K-12 education and certain aspects of higher education striving to make school learning easy by:

  • Enhancing multi-platform content delivery mechanism through augmented reality.
  • Bringing in custom augmented reality systems to make education interactive.
  • Using AR framework to track the mental steps of the learners during problem-solving and thus facilitate extensive productive learning behaviors including self-regulation, self-monitoring and self-explanation and mimicking one-to-one tutoring.
  • Implementing virtual mentoring where user modeling, social simulation, and knowledge representation to create a unique learning experience. They are managing content delivery mechanism using deep learning automation systems through adaptive learning.

Modern AR VR Technology is the Future. 

When it comes to the aspect of collaboration, diverse group of the students is getting impacted as a lot of barriers are getting broken up. Hence this space is constantly evolving and so does it will, to manifest things that were until today considered as imaginations.

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