Top 5 Chinese New Year 2020 Trends & Facts

Top 5 Chinese New Year 2020 Trends & Facts

Chinese New Year 2020 - Lunar Year

Festival always brings positivity to our lives and if it’s an occasion to a fresh start to the New Year than we must have a look for 2020 Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) where celebrations are shouting out through the internet. According to data Millions of people will be traveling in and around the APAC region over the next few weeks to celebrate with their loved ones. From China to Singapore, tourist records are expected to be broken. CNY is packed celebrations where people start planning for two-weeks of holiday trip even what they want to do during this Lunar New Year. CNY involves family reunions. In China, it comes with a three-day national holiday but other than china like Singaporeans involve them in dragon dancing, singing, drama, and fireworks. Every celebration leads to happiness and food is the main source of joy. Chinese New Year celebrations are according to their Zodiac signs as- 2020 Lunar New Year has a Rat sign and the lucky colors of the year 2020 are: white and blue.

Table of Content

  1. Singaporeans love Lunar New Year.

  2. Promotions are effective Tempts.

  3. Trend, Tasty, Treat.

  4. Vietnamese Feng Shui believes.

  5. Make Chinese New Year a Happy.

As we know social media has always a vast impact on everything whereas it is a positive celebration of the new beginning of the Year 2020. On all platforms of social media, people are posting about Lunar New Year. We have researched data of Chinese New year by which you can get to know and even enjoy the atmosphere.

Singaporeans love Lunar New Year.

When we count digital searches for Lunar New Year, Singaporeans are the highest in the region at least higher than Malaysia, which is in second place.

Chinese New Year 2020 - Lunar Year

Promotions are effective Tempts.

In festive season promotions are the tempting way to reach out users though both Singapore and Malaysia, the search term “CNY promotion” trumps “CNY offer,” “CNY deal,” and “CNY sale.” And, this interest in Chinese New Year retail promotions started long ago from the festive period and retain after the festive also.

Lunar New Year 2020

Trend, Tasty, Treat.

Traditions always match trends, local Singaporean tradition of Yusheng(Yusheng, yee sang or yuu sahng, or Prosperity Toss, also known as lo hei is a Cantonese-style raw fish salad) tops the search charts for Lunar New Year foods in both Singapore and Malaysia. This tasty treat is a sign of prosperity and positivity during this Chinese New year period.

CNY 2020 Trends

Vietnamese Feng Shui believes.

In terms of highest interest in Lunar New Year-related topics, Singapore is in topmost place whereas Feng Shui (also known as Chinese geomancy, is a traditional practice that claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.) have the highest interest area in Vietnam. There are higher searches for Feng Shui in Vietnam than any other market, every single year.

Lunar New Year

Make Chinese New Year a Happy.

Lunar New Year is the longest holiday for most people over there. So they start planning their New Year 8-10 weeks before the holiday, the term “Chinese New Year Holiday” rank top in searches before the festive period.

Chinese New Year - Stats

Being a brand, the best way to celebrate the festive by showing you are celebrating alongside them. The above trends are a wider picture where you can click a connection to your audiences. Some had already started hard for it but if you are not reaching these kinds of trends just reach us we will help you out connect with your audiences in the best way.

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